Board and Sustainers


Rick Poppe

John Hayes
Vice President

Michael Massey

John Stafford

Patrice Lara
Past President

Libby Bortz
Barbara Calvin

Melanie Frank
Sean Gatzen
John Landon
Sally Queen
Barbara Vonderheid

Janice Ward Parrish
Pam Wiegand
Pam Piper Yeung


Sustainers are significant contributors to the National Repertory Orchestra in time, talent and finances. Their role is to support the Orchestra by raising awareness of its existence, provide a vehicle to stay connected to the organization, and have camaraderie with others having similar interests and goals in supporting the continuation of live orchestral music in the world.

Sandy Mortensen, Chair
Libby Bortz and Mike Altenberg
Murray and Marlene Altman
Carlie and Terry Barnhart
Ann Brewster
Jim and Barb Calvin
Gerri Cohen
M.A. Deen
JoAnn Falletta
John Fielder
Paul Finkel
Nancy and Bob Follett
Annette and Gerry Fricke
Nancy and Tom French
Pamela and Reggie Gray
Robin Hadley
Kenneth and Annette Hallock
Joan Manley Houlton
Mike and BC Jacoby
Anne and John Kern
Jane King
Anita and Jim Kreider
Patrice and Ron Lara
Anne and Bill Mills
Harriet Neiman
Ann and Tom Rader
Barbara Strauss
Kate and Jim Taucher
Pamela and Sonny Wiegand
Lou Wagner
Bobbie and Glen Zelkind

Honorary Member of the NRO Sustainers: John Krakauer John Krakauer passed away March 4, 2013 in La Jolla, CA.  While John and wife Carol (deceased) lived in Summit County, John served on the NRO Board and was treasurer for many years.  The NRO benefited from his experience, expertise and leadership as he helped the organization through some of its tough times.