Janice ParrishJanice writes, “I grew up in Alabama and left there the first chance I got, which came in the form of a scholarship to Ohio University.  While there, I married and then took a master’s degree in English, taught for Job Corps, moved to Florida and divorced.  With my life in the back of a U-Haul truck, I moved to Coconut Grove, Florida where I bought a bike, burned my bras, and drank wine from paper cups with other lost and seeking souls.  Then I wandered into a real job in personnel administration, built a house, sold the bike, bought new bras, and drank wine from crystal with other mortgage-paying strivers and married Bill Hunt.  After retiring as a human resources director, I discovered skiing and moved to Summit County.

Next to skiing, one of the greatest attractions in the County is the National Repertory Orchestra.  Through the symphony, I met the inexorable Barbara Calvin, and the next thing I knew, I was on the steering committee of the fledgling Friends of the NRO, a host mom, and the original coordinator of the musicians’ dinners.

But there is something I would like to do even more.  I have written grants, group reports, proposals, and a couple of novels (one published).  I have given writing seminars to managers and taught business communications at the university level.  I understand there is a project afoot to write a history of the NRO.  I would love to work on this project to create a history that is interesting and easy to read.”

In 2015 Janice published “Blue Jeans to Breckenridge, A History of the National Repertory Orchestra.”  You can buy your copy HERE!