How much do we receive?
You will received a $50 grocery stipend per week.

How will we receive the grocery stipend?
The grocery stipend will be in the form of a cash gift card redeemable at City Market in Breckenridge.  City Market is located on North Park Avenue in Breckenridge CO.

When will we receive our stipend?
You will receive the grocery stipend in two installments.  The first will be upon arrival, which will cover the first four weeks of NRO.  The second will be during the fourth week of NRO, which will cover the last four weeks of NRO.  You will be required to sign for your cards upon receipt.  Your friends or roommates will not be allowed to pick up your card for you. 

How do I get to City Market?
Free public transit stops directly in front of the store and travels throughout town.