Housing for NRO participants is located throughout the Town of Breckenridge.  Accommodations are used as ski resort condos throughout the winter and are fully furnished with sheets, towels, blankets, and kitchenware, so there is no need for you to pack any of these things.

Upon arrival at NRO you will be required to provide a credit card number for your housing damage deposit.  The deposit is $100.00 and will not be charged unless there is damage to your housing to be determined by the property management companies.  If you leave your unit exactly as you found it when you arrived, and you have not incurred any additional charges during your stay you will not be charged. 

You will receive a damage form upon arrival.  This form MUST be completed and returned to the personnel staff for notification of any issues with your unit upon arrival.  If you do not list an issue on this form you may be charged upon departure.   

You are ultimately responsible for any damage to the unit. 
Any damage fees will be divided equally among all individuals assigned to the unit.  If a problem arises with your unit contact the NRO staff immediately.  Not all units are managed by the same company. 

The NRO expects that you recognize and adhere to the following rules listed below.  We cannot stress the importance of these rules enough.  The NRO’s relationships with the property management companies are of the utmost importance.  Not following these rules may result in dismissal from the NRO.

1. No guests may stay in your housing.
2. No pets are allowed in your housing.
3. No smoking of any kind is allowed in your housing.
4. Keys and parking passes (if applicable) will be issued to you upon arrival.  The fee for lost keys can be up to $100.  If you loose your key you MUST report it to NRO staff immediately.  All keys and parking passes MUST be returned at check-out.
5. No long distance calls may be made from your housing.  Each unit will have a phone that can be used for local calls.  Calling cards must be used for long distance calls.  Any extra phone charges will be charged directly to you.
6. All musicians should expect to have roommates and condomates.
7. Each unit is equipped with a stocked kitchen.  It is fine to entertain occasionally IF you have cleared the schedule with your roommates and neighbors.  Do not take dishes, silverware, or other furnishings from one unit to another or outside your unit.
8. Be courteous to your neighbors.  Remember that these are not college dormitories and that NRO musicians are not the only guests.  You are ambassadors for the NRO when you come in contact with seasonal guests and home owners (who will likely be your neighbors).  Noise complaints will result in a deduction or loss of your deposit.
9. You may practice in your unit.  Please just be courteous of your roommates, condomates, and neighbors.
10. There is no maid service.  NRO or property management staff may spot check units at any time.  Please clean up after yourself.  Each complex will have a vacuum that you can request to borrow if one is not available in the unit. 
11. Most units are equipped with a washer and dryer.  If the unit does not have a washer a dryer there will likely be a coin operated system on site.  Otherwise we recommend using the local laundry mat (which accepts credit cards) located at 105 South French Street.  The hours are 8:00am – 10:00pm seven days a week.