If you have any questions or concerns regarding this packet or any of the forms below, please call the NRO offices at (970) 453-5825 or email Cecile Forsberg at audition@nromusic.com.

All 2016 NRO musicians and summer staff must read the information packet and complete all required forms by April 1, 2016.  Your bio and photo are due by Monday, March 21, 2016.

Musicians must complete all of the forms below. 

NRO summer staff members must complete the forms with an asterisk (*) sign next to the form, forms without an asterisk (*) sign are not required for summer staff members. 

Download and Read the Entire Information Packet
2016 NRO Musician Information Packet
2016 NRO Staff Information Packet

Confirm your name on the Orchestra Roster
Please find the full orchestra roster linked below.  If your name is incorrect, please email the correction to cecile@nromusic.com.  If your name is correct, no action is necessary.
2016 Orchestra Roster

Complete all of the required forms through the links below.
Note: Links below are online forms, should you make an error in your form upon submission please email cecile@nromusic.com rather than resubmitting the form as this may cause a duplicate entry.

* Information Packet Agreement Form
* Community Link Form
* Health Form
* Housing Form
* Arrival Travel Form
* Departure Travel Form
Outreach Engagement Form

* Absence Form (If Applicable)
Work Study Application (If Applicable) – Thank you to everyone that applied for work study positions.  This application is now closed and the applications are currently under review.

Submit your Bio & Photo to Kathleen Clabby at kathleen@nromusic.com
Bio & Photo Submission Instructions

Concerto Competition: Deadline May 1, 2016
Note: Please refer to the link below in order to apply for the competition as well as for competition requirements and eligibility.
Concerto Competition Application